The real opinion about the cosmetic products of the La Chinata brand

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Today as usual in this beauty and cosmetics blog , I bring you my opinion about a brand called la Chinata ​​strong>, which sells cosmetic and beauty products that are very famous on the Internet, but let's see if they really are worth it.

What is the chinata ​​strong>?

The history of La Chinata begins in 1932, when they began to grind olives from the Sierra de Gata region. At that time the oil was obtained in very rudimentary oil mills.
Nowadays they already have the most modern milling and pressing systems, that even being purely mechanical they can extract much more oil from the olives, in a clean and controlled way to guarantee the quality of the extra virgin olive oil.
cosmetics la chinata
The cosmetic products that I have tried out of the Chinata are the invigorating water deoliva, artisan soap purifying lemongrass salvia, eye make-up remover and nourishing facial mask.

My opinion about the invigorating olive water of the Chinata : rong>

Its smell is very pleasant I louso after removing makeup with a cotton and leaves my skin very fresh. Removes dirt very gently and leaves the skin very well.

With Olive Leaf and Hot Spring Extract cleanses the skin and removes toxins, allowing it to breathe freely. The skin regains its freshness, vitality and luminosity.

Your price is € 3.70 , it's quite cheap for how good it is and all the time it lasts.

Opinion Soap Artisan Purifying Limoncillo Salvia ;

Lemongrass, known for its cleansing power, exerts on our skin a purifying and antiseptic effect ideal for oily skin. The salvia calms and regulates the balance of the skin, while the extra virgin olive oil hydrates it. We get an effect of luminosity and lasting softness throughout the day.

I have mixed skin and what is crazy is that when I wash with this soap I do notice the skin more clean, it's not a bargain but it's cleaner.
Its price is 3.25 €

Eye makeup remover chinata;

Made with ecological extra virgin olive oil, olive leaf extract and thermal waters, antioxidant, regenerating and softening properties. p>

Due to its purifying formula (composed of herbs such as witch hazel, rosemary, sage ...), the deep cleaning of the eyelids is carried out with the utmost smoothness, respecting the delicate skin of this area .
Impregnate a cotton disk and cover the upper eyelid for a few seconds. Slip the cotton unturned to remove most of the makeup.
It is a make-up remover in the format of a cream. I am used to using them of another type but to my surprise I liked it.
I put it on the cotton disc, I press it and the makeup goes away very easily.The germ of wheat, with its antioxidant and antiseptic, helps its regeneration, reducing possible marks on the face.
My opinion about the masks of lachinata ​​p> strong>. They are masks that are very hydrated skin after using them, each envelope brings a lot of quantity for what it gives for about twice.
What I do not like is its smell, it smells strange to me.
Its price is 3.55 € elpack and bring 5 8 ml single dose masks .
This is the texture of the mask, it costs a bit to apply it but it's worth it.
chinata mask
Although I have only tried the cosmetic products, they also have products for children and men. They also have a selection of gourmet food, but I can not tell you anything about it, because I have not tried it yet and I do not think it will hit much on this blog either. You can find all the products of this brand with very good prices in Amazon .
Did you know the brand lachinata ​​strong>? What do you think about your products?

Author: MelyssaPG, beauty and cosmetics blogger