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Now that we are with the operation bikini more than one we want to lose some kilo (I eat 2 or 3 at the most ) and what better way to do it than with enerzona.
ener zone
I'll explain what it's about Enerzona :
The diet of the Zone is a style of healthy eating that is characterized by reaching a correct hormonal balance. It proposes a balanced diet among all the nutrient groups. Its basic concept is the contribution in each of the meals of Carbohydrates (40%), Proteins (30%) and Fats (30%).
There are a thousand diets to lose weight but the important thing is to do it in a healthy way and that the results are maintained in the long term.
The Zone Diet plan is based in the nutritional concept designed by Dr. Barry Sears and takes into account the requirements of our organization to enjoy good health.
At the beginning of this plan you will find more meals where EnerZona products are included. EnerZona products are formulated in 40-30-30 to make it easier and faster to get the benefits of the Zone Diet. Later the consumption of products will be done to help you at specific moments.
This plan requires t u collaboration and that enerzona products can not do it alone. It is important that you learn some basic nutritional concepts to better understand Dr. Sears' approach.
The plan consists of 3 steps. In each step you will find a scheme with the expected results, the objectives, what you have to remember and general concepts that you should learn for healthy nutrition.
Also at the end of each step you will find a self-assessment table with which it will be easy to know if you are doing well.
If you do it right or bservarás among others , the following benefits:
- A decrease in your body volume because you will lose fat and not muscle or water.It is food that tastes the same as lanormal, it is not that it has a worse taste because it is a diet. In addition I am enough to peck between hours, I can not avoid it and since they have enough snacks, I end up eating but I do it in a healthy way.
To me the products that I liked the most are those who bring chocolate, the mini Rock and the bars that are very good. However, what I liked the least was the shakes that are those large envelopes that are seen in the image, I notice that the taste is very rare, or to put it another way that perhaps it is better understood, it is not the same taste of smoothies I'm used to it.
As I always tell you to diet but concabeza, do not leave the pot a lot. You better than anyone else know what your body can hold, therefore do not make nonsense.
Eat healthy, for snacks use these products, exercise, drink plenty of water and you will not need anything else.
I've seen many crazy things in my life that I notice are going to serve for nothing, the only thing you'll get by doing crazy things to kill some disease. Or at the best of times lose many kilos and when you are very happy they will return to your body at the speed of light.

Did you know the products of enerzona ?

Author: MelyssaPG, beauty and cosmetics blogger