Restaurant Portugal Rural world A ostrich

Hello girls!
Yesterday I showed you the dam of Alqueva and I told you that I had eaten in a strange place haha ​​well today I tell you that It was in a restaurant in Portugal called Rural World A ostrich, for the name of the restaurant you can already imagine what the star dish is!
Before entering the restaurant, look what was there , what I was going to eat ostriches!
Restaurant Portugal Rural world A ostrich

With what face they looked at me, I have the face of" run, make me the picture that will bite me head the ostriches for wanting to eat them. "


This is the restaurant on the outside;

Restaurant Portugal Rural world A ostrich
 Restaurant Portugal Rural world A ostrich

They put some small caps (3 €) and I wanted to try the ostriches haha ​​call me crazy that I leave, but of course I did not know very well what it was, the first course was very very cold but it was good so I ate it, and the second one I did not like it very much because I do not like the tomato and it had.

After eating it I found out that the 1st was ostrich heart and the 2nd ostrich gizzards, who is now the list @ who says no I have a heart, but I have two!I put on my boots but this was pork! which I like more.

And for dessert my boyfriend was asked for camel drool (I do not like anything) and I kind of sweet or ice cream that tasted great !!
Restaurant Portugal Rural world A ostrich
When we went out I was walking around outside and found this:

And do you encourage yourself to eat ostrich meat?

Author: MelyssaPG, beauty and cosmetics blogger