My opinion about Natur Nua cosmetic products

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In today's post I want to give you my opinion about the products of the Naturnua brand , toeo the process of this brand is of cultivation and its manufacture is carried out in an artisanal and natural way using only natural products of high purity, respecting the environment as much as possible.
They are specialists in the cultivation and extraction of raw materials of vegetable origin, ensuring the maximum concentration of plant assets with which the manufacture of the cosmetic products will be carried out afterwards.
I have had the opportunity to try these feminine cosmetics products the cellular recuperator and restructuring of Naturnua , let's see them.

My opinion about Natur Nua cosmetic products:

natur nua cosmetics

Cell recovery view for all types of skin de natur nua:

It is a facial cream complete day-night that hydrates the skin in depth with multiple properties. Acts as regenerative, firming, soothing, anti natural spots, provides energy and vitality leaving the skin firm, resplendent and silky. (That's what the brand tells us.)

The truth is that your container with a dispenser caught my attention, it's very practical and not a drop is wasted, that in these times be thankful.
I have noticed that the skin is more hydrated and soft. The energy, vitality ... I have not noticed but simply because my skin already had that freshness, I am 23 years old, if I do not have it now ... I doubt very much that I have it later.
Its size is 50 ml and its price of 23.60 € , it is not a very low cost cosmetic, but since it lasts a lot, it pays for itself.

In short, with this cream natur nua I have noticed that I am more hydrated and that I have noticed that the most dry areas of my skin have disappeared.

And now I present to you what is for me the glory of the crown of Naturua's cosmetics .

Review Naturua Reestructur:

It is a restructuring cream for all skin types. The snail slime (I love it) is rich in enalantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid and various vitamins, it has moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Regenerates the skin and helps in the elimination of the signs of age and aging, for its regenerative power is indicated to combat the marks and signals.The inconvenience that I see is that they can not easily get, but on their website if they have a search engine to see them nearest centers where they can be purchased.
What do you think about the natur nua cosmetics ? Have you tried any snail cream?

Author: MelyssaPG, beauty and cosmetic blogger .