MACADAMIA for hair

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Today I want to give you my opinion of the products of the Macadamia Spain brand , which is very famous, but sometimes fame is not everything ... You probably know this brand because it has several awards and participate in fashion shows ... but that does not mean that all of us have to do well with their hair products.

What is it that tells us about the Macadamia brand?

The products of Macadamia contain unexclusive PRO COMPLEX OIL, a mixture of macadamia and argan oils rich in omega 7, 5, 3 and 9, which nourish deeply but without adding weight to repair hair from the inside and renew the natural texture of the hair, instead of just conditioning the surface.

My opinion about Macadamia products:

MACADAMIA for the hair
 MACADAMIA for the hair
NOURISHING LEAVE-IN CREAM ; It is a conditioner for the rebellious hairs and difficult to handle.
I am not very used conditioners, I only use them from time to time and for that I have the mercadona that for 1 euro comes a liter and gives me the fix.
When you use this macadamia conditioner note that the hair untangled much better and it is true that the hair looks prettier.
I recommend it for people who have very bad hair and use these products every time they wash their hair.
MACADAMIA for the hair
This is another conditioner that untangles hair well, protects and nourishes it. It's good, but I would buy it, depending on its price, if it's low cost, I'll keep it. If I see that it's too expensive, I prefer to buy others because it's good but neither is the best conditioner in the world.
MACADAMIA for hair
Rejuvenating shampoo for dry and damaged hair, my hair is greasy because I did not like it ... I have not noticed anything.
Maybe girls with dry hair will do great, but I can not confirm with my oily hair.
MACADAMIA for hair
Mask that nourishes and reconstructs damaged hair to make it more bright and soft.To me, what I like the most is that it has UV protection and is something that my hair appreciates.
MACADAMIA for the hair
Especially therapeutic hair oil for wet and dry hair Of this product I have heard wonders but to me it goes well I have my hair even more greasy and looks like a scourer.
It is obvious that this product is not for me, but neither this oil or none, because I have all the same bad hair.
I always recommend oils for dry hair but those with oily hair is better that we do not use this type of products, because we have it even more greasy.
In short, I think it's a good brand, but since they sent me these samples without asking me what horse I had, they have not made the right decision.
To me most of these products do not go well, although probably another type of hair would work for them. If you want to continue seeing really honest opinions about products do not forget to visit this beauty blog from time to time.
Have you tried the products of > macadamia ? What do you think?

Author: MelyssaPG, beauty and cosmetics blogger