Iroha Nature Masks The whole truth about them!

Hello Beauties !!
Today I bring you my opinion about a cosmetic product, specifically about > online beauty shopping I've done in recent months, I'm talking about the new IROHA NATURE masks easy to use and very comfortable.

What does the Iroha nature brand tell us about its facial masks?

IROHA NATURE > launches two new facial masks within its line of Radiant tissue masks in 15min with Vitamin C (antioxidant effect) and Argan (regenerative effect), star ingredients this season to illuminate and firm your skin.
Feel the radiant effect of Iroha Nature in a simple gesture and without need of rinsing. Radiant in 15min ... looks irresistible skin.
These masks come in single dose ( 23ml of intensive serum ) in pre-impregnated tissue format (High-Tech) , based on natural active ingredients and without preservatives, chemicals or parabens, so you can enjoy the naturalness of your skin.

My opinion about Iroha nature masks :

Comobuena beauty lover I always have masks at home. Although loose in other formats, the one that looks like a cream. I stretch it with the fingers, I wait for it to be completely dry and then I remove it with water.

This format I do not usually use much because it is harder to get, because I was so eager to try it.
Its form of use is very simple: We remove it from the wind, unfold it and plant it on our faces.
Here we have to be face up and trying to nomovernos much or else it will fall.
The moment is laughing, as you see someone lying down and with this preciousness in the face, he's going to laugh a lot, because like me I'm going to look like a clown at those moments.
When about 15 minutes have passed, we take it off. I recommend you to have a clock nearby to be able to control the time.
It is the first time I use this format and I liked it a lot. After using it I noticed more hydrated and soft skin, I have to tell you that my skin is mixed and I thought it would not go well, but I got confused.
This type of masks are from Use and throw. It will not happen to you to reuse it because the only thing that you will manage to spill over the dirt that you took off another day.
Your price is € 3.95 , Taking into account that it gives the truth for a single use, but the results are very good.
The masks of Iroha nature can be found in beauty salons and spas. Although they have removed these two new masks, they also have others in the same format as facial masks, lifting effect, extra hydration mask, firming, regenerating aloe vera, rejuvenating caviar, anti-aging ... and prices more or less They are usually the same.
Did you know the deiroha nature masks ? Do you like cheap cosmetic products online ?

Author: Melyssa PG, beauty blogger