Facial tonic from Zorgan

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Today I wanted to tell you about Zorgan labs, specifically a cosmetic product cheap that you can get online , your facial tonic .

What is Zorgan?

ZORGAN is a pharmaceutical laboratory dedicated to cosmetics and the development of treatments for skin care.

Its products are especially focused on the treatment of sensitive skin, although we have a range of products suitable for all skin types.

Its catalog ranges from our Deep Moisturizer based on argan oil to a family-friendly gel with a magnificent aroma.

Mi opinion on the facial tonic of Zorgan:

I have tried the Zorgan facial cream tonic. This is composed of grape extract is rich in antioxidants and stimulants. Used daily, it restores the pH of the skin as it acts on free radicals caused by exposure to the sun, tobacco or environmental pollution, stimulating the skin's elasticity.
It is ideal for the care of all skin types, especially those that begin to notice the effects of external aggressions.

The Zorgan tonic is like water from lilac. I use it by putting a little on a makeup remover disk and then I start applying it on the forehead with touches and then all over the face.

Leave the clean and smooth skin There is a very nice feeling of coolness and my mixed skin is doing great.

Surely the oily skin will also work well, although for dry skin I would not recommend it.

Its price is € 12.50 and its size is 200 ml. But if you use the Truquitos code, it will be cheaper.

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What do you think of the zorgan facial tonic ? What is your opinion about him?

Author: Melyssa PG, beauty blogger