DIY T-Shirt

Hello girls!
Today I come with a diy shirt. The other day I was in primark and I saw a shirt that I liked and I said to the basket I did not look at anything when I got home I realized it was a PIJAMA! ahh as if I had few pajamas ... the truth is that I like how I had left but of course it was a pajama and I was not going to go out with him to the street so I made a Diy what you think.
The first thing I did was measure the T-shirt - pajama, it is best that you do it with a meter, in this case I did it with a big ruler because I could not find it.
I picked up another one that I did not like, well if I liked it but I had a girl, it's from these shirts that you can put them but it seems that you get black puddings on the sides ... haha ​​I measured it if it was good for the other and it turned out that yes.

Scissors in hand and I started to cut! (the photos look fatal sorry). The first thing I cut was the word Love.

Then I glued it with fabric glue , if we sew it better but I did not feel like it. Then we wash it to remove the glue that looks on the outside and ready!


Did you like this diy t-shirt ?

Author: MelyssaPG, beauty and cosmetics blogger