Diy jeans

Hello girls!
Today I bring you a diy of how to tear some pants !!
By the way, make sure you are cowboys that mine were elastic and do not look the same.
Good for tearing your pants is as easy as getting on a bike and falling a few times haha ​​not ...

How to do DIY with jeans?

The first thing we do to make our diy in pointing out where we want to tear them, I have done it with a mechanical pencil because it is what I had most at hand. But with a chalk or something that paints better, it will be much easier.

We cut where we have indicated with scissors and with tweezers of the eyebrows we are pulling the strings one by one. It is clear that this can only be done by people with a lot of patience, because otherwise you will end up very tired.

And that is how it is, as I said before with real cowboys they are much better.

Do you diy with jeans ?
Author: Melyssa PG, beauty blogger.