Cheap purchases on ebay and several

Hello girls!
Today I want to show you my latest FREE purchases, for which you follow me recently I tell you that I call for free purchases that I make online because they are those with which I do not spend a single euro, well if I spend it but those are the ones I earn with the ptc pages or doing surveys, that's why I call them free online shopping.
The first thing I bought was this mobile case from ebay

montecarlo, its price is € 3.30 .

I buy a lot of covers in ebay because I am the camel of the family haha, and those of this seller are the best, he says that they are leather, I do not tell you that it is true ... but if they last a lot other sellers send them in plastic and they are not worth anything.
It is a purchase that I am very happy with.
Punches to make drawings on the nails , As you can see, it is a little broken but I was sent in perfect condition, which happens that I am a little bit brutish and I broke the plastic from below. Nothing that a good insulating tape can not fix.
These punches are ideal for those who do not have much practice in nail art, its price 1.63 €.
tools to draw on nails
Decimas shoes for my boy price, this is not from ebay but it is also from my last online purchases 19.99 €.

Tights of decimas, when I was going to make the photo, it turned out that I had them on and I did not remember. its price is 9.99 € they are super comfortable and they look great, that is very ugly that I say it ... but it is the truth.

meshes tenths

zalando sports bra , I really like this website because it has the cost of free shipping and the shipments are very fast.This one is also from Ebay.

concealer backs

And well this is all for today, I have made some other purchases on Ebay and aliexpress but they still have not arrived, and you are buying online ? Do you like to buy on Ebay ?

Author: MelyssaPG, blogger of beauty and cosmetics.