Befree Home

Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to introduce you to a brand that I just placed an order with, this brand is Befree Home .
Befree Home is a brand of eco-friendly cleaning products for the home. The Alava company is presented as a real and ecological alternative to traditional cleaning products. Thanks to its commitment to biotechnology, eco-design and innovation has developed a range of ecological, safe and effective cleaning products.

In Befree Home they are aware that the cleaning products offered by the market are aggressive for the environment and harmful to health of users. For this reason, it is committed to a range of products that minimizes environmental impact and guarantees consumer safety.

The goal of the brand is to develop products free of toxic and dangerous raw materials and incorporate biotechnology from nature to degrade the dirt in a natural way.
Among the products we can find: the Multipurpose Enzyme , for the degreasing of numerous surfaces of the home; the Environmental Purifier , to neutralize bad odors; Disinfectant Cleaner , to safely disinfect your home; the Absorbent Hydrogel , to collect spills of liquids quickly, simply and ecologically; the Ecolimpiador of bathrooms, for a greater efficiency in the cleaning of the bathrooms; and the Ecoantical , to keep the surface of the home free of scale.
Befree Home
All the products have been ecodesigned, minimizing the environmental impact from obtaining raw materials to disposal by the user.
It is a company endorsed by International Organizations. In his long research career he has obtained numerous recognitions with which his products count: European Ecological Label, European Environmental Awards, Ecodesign, etc.
I've seen very good reviews about them, so I decided to go to their website and when I saw these prices I could not resist !!

What do you think about the products befree? home ? When I arrive, I will give you my opinion.

Author: MelyssaPG, blogger of beauty and cosmetics.