Alqueva Reservoir

Hello girls!
The May 15 where I live celebrates the feast of San Isidro and everyone goes to the field to celebrate it, but of course I am special or weird as you want to call it I can not because I have a lot of allergy to pollen and I die !! So much so but I have a hard time, so every year I go to different places.
This year I went to the Alqueva reservoir of > tourism which is located in Alentejo (Portugal) , was inaugurated in 2002 and if you see it in the wikipedia it says that it took 50 years to build because the works were paralyzed, I did not swallow so I ask and they say I have no idea ... haha ​​some say yes, and others say that it did not take just 6 years, I guess it would be paralyzed and once they started again the works would take 5 - 6 years.
As you can see the sky warned me that I was going to get wet !! and it was not confused for my misfortune.

It has an area of ​​250 km², 33 of which they are in the territory of the province of Badajoz. Its storage capacity is 4,150 hm³ of water (amount equivalent to the supply needs of Lisbon for 40 years).

The length of the alqueva reservoir , from the dam to the tail of the reservoir, it is 83 km. Its maximum depth is 152 m. Its cut coastline has a length of 1160 km, an amount equivalent to the total of the Portuguese maritime coast.

Author: MelyssaPG, beauty and cosmetics blogger